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  Step to MDTools converter  
STEP model to "smart" MDTools manifold model
Step to MDTools converter
Step2MDTools converter reads a solid 3d model in Step format (originating from any 3D CAD system) and convert it in a .mbxml file which can be imported in MDTools.
Within MDTools you can use all of MDTools functionality, check for errors and easily modify the manifold design.
Automatically recognizes cavities by matching the solid step model. This can be verified in the preview.
Automatically assigns the net name and provides connectivity information.
Smartly recognizes counter bores, orifices, and additional drills.
Step 2 MDTools converter and MDTools gives
manifold block manufacturers a competitive edge
Issues faced by manifold block manufacturers:
Need to quickly and accurately quote manifolds.
Need to catch design errors before machining. Avoid scrapping manifolds, with consequent money loss and targets missed.
Need to check the circuit of a manifold, though the 3d model comes from another CAD system.
Need to suggest design modifications to customers.
Need to modify manifold designs, though most of the job work comes from other designers with different CAD systems.
Benefits for block manufacturers:
Use Manifold AutoQuote cloud based real-time manifold quotation system.
Extract a manifold net list, and check it against the hydraulic circuit.
Check manifold design before machining: wall thickness and wrong connections.
Modify a manifold and show customer a 3d model for approval.
Port data from MDTools design to a CAM system.
Redesign a manifold with MDTools manifold design software. MDTools has embedded manifold design data and logic enabling design within hours, not days. Also includes powerful automated design checks: wall thickness, circuit, quality of connections, manufacturability, energy efficiency...
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