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Powerful 3D visualization of manifold internals and connectivity
Color-coded cavities, and flow paths,
Port areas and Dead areas easily identified
Tank and pressure connections
color coded for oil velocities
Easily identify velocity hotspots in manifold
Auto Assemble all valve models from
links in HyDraw® CAD Schematic
Compact manifolds
Use angled holes, slots, undercuts,
cut-outs, orifices and O-ring grooves
Easy connections:
connect to cavity/net (passage way)
Energy efficient smooth bends
Automated angle holes:
simple and compound
Angle holes and cavity manipulation
Stretch drill up to a cavity and
make connection with inclination
Parametric cavity manipulation
Interactive calculations
Drag and Move a Cavity or Footprint
Auto manifold design checks:
connectivity, wall thickness, and more
Auto manifold manufacturability check:
slenderness ratio, angular tolerance,
and more...
Extensive OEM Footprint/Cavity libraries
with customizable machining details
Custom machining chart formats
Setup HyDraw® CAD to optimize
Diameter and Depth,
when making connections
and inserting construction ports
Easily identify velocity hotspots in manifold
MDTools® HyDraw® Interface
Import schematic data
and jumpstart the manifold design
Auto Dimensioning
of all 6 orthographic views
Machining/Bore Chart creation
with Intersection Details
Cross Platform compatibility
Autodesk® Inventor® and SolidWorks®
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