Yudi Raina
As the founder of VEST in early 1997, Yudi enthuses hydraulic companies with the VEST vision of embedded knowledge technology. He is interested in Process engineering, embedding knowledge in software systems, and the fusion of the human brain and the desktop processor, with the Internet.
Yudi worked for Vickers from 1982-1997. He is a specialist in multi-axis closed-loop control of electro-hydraulic systems. He worked on a range of hydraulic end-markets, such as Steel, Mining, Machine-Tool, Plastics Machinery, Press, and Baler.
Yudi has a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) with specialization in Flight Dynamics and Control, and an MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University, with specialization in System Dynamics, Simulation and Control Theory.
Sridhar Subramanyam, PhD
Sridhar leads the development of the company's scalable cloud-based technology.
Prior to joining VEST in 2014, Sridhar worked for General Motors Research in Metro Detroit. Sridhar has thirty plus years of experience scoping, developing, and implementing diverse CAD, CAM, CAE, Knowledge Systems, and Cloud-based applications. Sridhar brings conceptual and strategic thinking with acute awareness of industry needs. He has strong credentials in the product/manufacturing development arena for evaluating, positioning, and commercializing technologies and solutions.
Sridhar has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), and a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) with specialization in AI and Knowledge-Based Systems applications to Product Development and Manufacturing.
James Andersen
Jim captures 30 years of hydraulic product and system knowledge for embedding and standardization in VEST products. He has watched the industry's slow change from pencil and paper to the age of computers and electronics. With VEST software he sees great strides in productivity.
Prior to joining VEST in 2008, Jim has worked in the hydraulics industry since 1975 working for Double A Products, Vickers and Eaton, as well as in hydraulic distribution. His prior work includes Power Unit sales engineering, managing a hydraulic service team, and managing a technical support team. Jim has also taught Hydraulics at local colleges.
Shruti Raina
Shruti’s role at VEST is to ensure process and quality standards, and to help transform VEST products and services into a delightful experience for the customer.
Prior to joining VEST in 2004, Shruti worked at EDS through the 1990s on General Motors’ proprietary CAD system, on Unigraphics CAD and PDM systems, and in Embedded Systems. She also worked 3 years for Organic, Inc., a new-age digital marketing company, leading the online marketing needs of Chrysler Corp.
Shruti has a BS degree & an MS degree in Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), and an MS degree in Management Information Systems from Penn State University.
Biju George
Biju leads the HyDraw,MDTools, and WebCAD product development teams. He is an expert on parametric CAD technology.
Prior to joining VEST in 1997 as Manager of the Manifold Design team, Biju worked in the hydraulic industry as an Applications Engineer. In the year 2000, Biju took on the responsibility of developing the VEST portfolio of software products.
Biju has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from India.
Sumit Kumar
Sumit leads a team of developers building web-enabled, knowledge-based, mathematically-complex Expert Systems. He is the inventor, architect, and author of VEST patented AutoRouter™ technology for web-based automated hydraulic manifold engineering.
Prior to joining VEST in 2003, Sumit worked as a Research Associate at the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. Sumit is a Computer Scientist specializing in Network topology algorithms.
Sumit has a BS degree in Computer Science from National Institute of Technology, India.
Carlo Molon
Carlo is an independent consultant based in Italy, working exclusively to leverage VEST technologies in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.
Carlo started his hydraulics career in 2001. Prior to joining VEST in 2012, he worked for Bondioli & Pavesi, GFluid and CBF as a Cartridge Valve Designer, Manifold Designer, and Technical Manager.
Carlo has a technical background and has knowledge of the design, testing and production of cartridge valves and manifolds. Also, he has knowledge of the design and operation of hydraulic circuits and valve.
Carlo has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Padua in Italy.
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