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  Slots   Improved Check commands
  Preview while inserting and editing a Slot   Check Wall Thickness around Undercuts and Slots
  Make Connections using Slot   Undercuts and Slots are included during Design Checks
  Add Slot to inclined Cavities   False alerts for Sun Cavities eliminated
  Manage Slot Machining Sequence   False alerts for Connections eliminated
      Clearance within Net reported in a Separate section
  Preview while Inserting and Editing an Undercut   Miscellaneous
  Preview Mandatory Undercuts   Rename a Net from MDTools browser
  Create Concentric Optional Undercuts   Move Slot within Parent Cavity
  Undercut Net Information Assigned/Updated Automatically   Control Text Height of Miscellaneous Charts in a Drawing
  Manage Undercut Machining Sequence   GUI made Compatible for Window’s 125% Scaling
      Show Trailing Zeros for Diameter in Machining chart
  Machining Calllouts  
  Create Machining Callouts for Slots and Undercuts    
Preview while inserting and editing a slot
* Changing dimension and orientation
automatically updates the slot preview
Make Connections using Slot
* Orientation automatically selected per connecting cavity
Add Slot to Inclined Cavities
* For inclined cavity, Connect Slot to option is disabled
Manage Slot Machining sequence

Preview Undercut in
dialog box and model

Preview Mandatory Undercuts
*All mandatory undercuts displays in cavity cross-sectional preview.
Create Optional Concentric Undercuts
*Concentric undercuts can only be created in
dead area of the parent cavity.
Undercut's Net information Assigned/Updated automatically
Manage Undercut Machining sequence
Create Machining Callouts
for Slots/Undercuts
Check Wall Thickness
around Undercuts and Slots



Undercuts and Slots
included in design checks


False alerts for Sun cavities eliminated
*Phantom wall thickness above manifold surface ignored
False alerts for connections eliminated
*Phantom poor connection in void area ignored
Clearance issues within same Net
are listed separately
Rename a Net from MDTools browser
Move a Slot within Parent Cavity
Copy Slot with Cavity
Control Text height of
miscellaneous Charts in a Drawing

GUI made compatible
for Window's 125% scaling

Show trailing Zeros for Diameter
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