Does the price per license include the AutoCAD program?
HyDraw is built using Autodesk OEM engine and it provides all 2D commands of AutoCAD. HyDraw is a single application with built-in CAD features therefore you don’t require a separate AutoCAD license. Yes the price per license includes the 2D CAD Engine.
HyDraw can be installed on any number of end users. The number of users that can use HyDraw simultaneously depends on the number of Server licenses you have. For example, if you have two licenses then you can run HyDraw only on two machines at the same time.
Is there an additional cost to installing the HyDraw program on multiple users where a single network license is operational?
There is no additional cost for installing HyDraw on multiple machines.
All the commands, including the CAD commands are locked to license. HyDraw will not open if there is no license available (license is checked out to another user) on the license server.
HyDraw is built using Autodesk OEM and it provides all 2D commands of AutoCAD.
HyDraw is a VEST product, and will be serviced by VEST.
Free Trial
If you are already familiar with AutoCAD and its functionality, then HyDraw CAD can be used without much learning. Refer to the documentation on the following page:
We also offer training sessions online or onsite.
Contact us at sales@VESTusa.com for more information.
The trial version of HyDraw CAD is limited to 30 days from the first time you run the program and only the Demo Symbols Library can be used to create schematics.
Online documentation is available and can be downloaded from the following link:
VEST provides prompt free support to all evaluators through email, phone, and web meetings.
If you are having trouble with the downloads, you can have a trial DVD sent to you. Contact us at sales@VESTusa.com
Note: Shipping and other charges may apply based on your location.
Any number of people may download and install the trial version of the HyDraw CAD software
The 30 day trial begins when you run the HyDraw CAD software for the first time.
No, only one 30 day period of the HyDraw CAD trial is possible. However, in rare cases, we are able to extend your trial. If you need to extend your trial beyond 30 days please let us know the reason for extension by contacting us at sales@VESTusa.com.
No, you do not need to uninstall the trial upon completion. Once the trial has expired, the program will automatically prompt you for authorization. You will need a product license key to request an authorization.
Yes, you can run any of the Autodesk products on the same system that has HyDraw CAD running.
Please refer to the user documentation in the help folder of the installation. If you still have any questions you can either email support@VESTusa.com, or call us . Refer to Contact Us for our contact information.
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