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      MDTools 955 What's New   
  Design Manifolds Faster in Virtual Cavity Design Mode   Show/Hide Undercuts in Drawing
  Group Cavities by Face in MDTools Browser   Machining Callout Position Retained
  Show Engraved Text in MDTools Browser   Set Drill Depths in Settings
  Compare Two Manifolds and List the Differences   Control Text Height of Annotations in a Drawing
  Specify Net Operating Pressure   Modify Component ID of Parent Cavity while inserting Orifice Plug
  Validate Construction Port Pressure Rating per Net Operating Pressure   Use $STEP in O-ring Machining Sequence
  Automatic Machining Drawing supports AutoCAD Drawing files(.dwg) Templates   Place Drawing View Name outside the View Boundary
MDTools® Library Manager 2016
  Manage Cavities, O-rings, Slots, Outlines, Plugs...   Link Plug CAD Models within the Plugs section and Select a CAD File to Preview
  Filter Search by Cavity Type or/and Cavity Name   Create Custom Outlines by Reading Data from AutoCAD, Inventor or SolidWorks drawings
  Select Vault Server, Enter Vault Login details to Browse CAD Files folder    

Convert Virtual design into Feature design
to use in drawing and assembly environments...

Convert manifolds designed with earlier versions
of MDTools into Virtual designs

Performance Chart
955 Virtual Vs 950 Feature*
* Tested on empty block with AMD 4.0 Ghz Octacore system,
RAM – 8 GB RAM and may vary on different hardware.

Option to group cavities by face
in MDTools browser


Option to show engraved text
in MDTools browser

Compare two manifolds
and list the differences
Specify Net operating pressure to
validate X-ports pressure rating
when making connections to the net
Lists X-ports rated pressure
below Net operating pressure
Use AutoCAD drawing files (.dwg)
as templates for
automatic machining drawing
Drawing display option
for face name location
outside view boundary
Show/Hide undercuts in a drawing
*Undercuts are placed on a separate layer



Existing machining callouts position maintained on command re-run


Select global drill depth preference settings in MDTools Options

Control text height of annotations
in a drawing

Edit component ID of the parent cavity when inserting an orifice plug
Use $STEP in O-ring machining sequence
MDTools Library Manager 2016
Manage cavities, O-rings, slots, outlines, plugs, tools and access various features
Filter search by
cavity type or/and cavity name
Select Vault server,
enter Vault login details to
browse CAD files folder

Link plug CAD models within
the Plugs section and
select a CAD file to preview

Create custom outlines by
reading data from AutoCAD,
Inventor or SolidWorks drawings
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