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      HyDraw CAD 900 What's New   
  Aliases for HyDraw Commands   Replace Symbol
  Convert Symbol or Connection to HyDraw Object   Insert Drawing Sheet Border & Title Block
  Edit Title Block Properties   ISO Standard Connection Lines
  HyDraw Property Manager Enhancements   Unlimited Custom Connection Lines
  Merge Connection Lines   Assembly ID - Reassign, Display in Drawing and Parts List
  Export to MDTools Enhancements   Display Properties Enhancements
  Manage Drawing Templates   Flip/Rotate Symbols When Inserting into Drawing
  Manage HyDraw Drawings through Autodesk Vault    
HyDraw® Library Manager 2016
  Delete Multiple Model Codes   Link CAD Files and Documents to multiple model codes
  Add/Delete Connection Lines    
Aliases for HyDraw Commands
Type 'Y' to display...
Drag and Drop a new symbol
to replace a selected symbol
Lines stay connected
Create intelligent HyDraw symbols
Specify Application and Component type
Add Ports to the symbol
to make connections


Ready to use Drawing Sheet Templates

Select Sheet Size
Drawing Sheet Border
and Title Block
Edit Title Block properties
Use ISO standard
Connection line types
Link CAD files and documents
to external ports
Net information displayed
for connection lines
Manage multiple custom connection lines
Merge same type
lines together to
become a single polyline
Export and save a
manifold design Report
View by Cavities or Nets
Specify Preferred Face, Engraving
and view linked CAD files



Display Assembly ID
along with Item ID in drawings
and in the Parts List


Manage display of properties
within HyDraw

Assign Drawing Templates

Drawing size
Title Block
Border Name
Use Command line instructions to Rotate/Flip symbols
when inserting into drawing
HyDraw CAD drawing revisions
easily managed through
Autodesk Vault
HyDraw Library Manager 2016
Delete Multiple Model Codes
using HyDraw Library Manages 2016
Link Documents and CAD Files
to multiple Model Codes
Add or Delete
Connection Line Types
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