MDTools EssentialService Packs
Service Pack / Hot Fix Installation
Use Service Pack only with the specified MDTools version (see table above)
If you do not have the required MDTools version please contact VEST Support
The SOLIDWORKS application must be closed before running the service pack.
Download the required service pack / hotfix.
Unzip the zip file and save it.
Browse to the saved .exe file.
Double click the .exe file.
Follow the on-screen instructions to install the service pack / hotfix.
MDTools Essential for Solidworks
Use only with MDTools Essential Build: 900.0.0.1
Date Service Pack / Hotfix Issues Resolved
Oct 22, 2015 MDTools Essential Quickfix 01 (1.21 MB)
Applicability: MDTools Essential Build 900.0.0.1
Unable to Create a Block, in some machines.
Create Block GUI issues with SolidWorks 2015.
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