Is MDTools® Essential for you?
Design less than 30 manifolds a year
Have simple manifold design needs
Are an occasional manifold designer
Are a machine builder using hydraulics
Are a hydraulic distributor wishing to communicate manifold intent to your manifold supplier
MDTools Essential manifold design software provides power tools to assist in the manifold design, checking, documentation, and modeling process within the SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor environment
Design manifolds easily, fast and error-free. MDTools Essential helps check the manifold for wall-thickness.
MDTools Essential enables creation of a professional manufacturing drawing including dimensions, cavity machining IDs, and bore charts.
Part Model Functionality  >  3D manifold design environment
Create a 3D block and start the manifold design
Stretch the block in a specified direction retaining connectivity
Insert cavities or footprint from the MDTools library
Use HyDraw schematic to directly insert cavities with Net information
Edit a cavity/footprint
Manipulate cavities/footprints: Copy, rotate, move, stretch, relocate to another face
Insert component outline for a cavity/footprint
Suppress or Unsuppress cavities
Delete cavities/footprints, component outlines
Create connection between specified cavities
Generate machining ID for all cavities in the specified format
Manage net visibility and display colors
Manage visibility of component outline
Update color of cavities
Remove color from cavities
Check wall thickness between two cavities
Import manifold MBXML file
Set assembly constraints to a component model
Configure MDTools design options
Drawing Functionality  >  2D Drawing and Bore Chart extracted from 3D model
Create all views of a manifold or manifold assembly
Display port names and the footprint envelope in the 2D drawing
Display the Machining ID for cavities in the 2D drawing
Create and exports manifold Machining Chart to Excel
Create Machining Callout for cavities in the 2D drawing
Assembly Functionality  >  Interactive Assembly of components
Interactively assemble components
Automatically assemble construction plugs
Set assembly constraints to a component model
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