Define dual library path
Toggle between your Local Library
and Corporate Library
Fetch documents and CAD files from library
Link these to the component data in the drawing
Numbering Scheme – ISO 1219-2:2012
Name the components, per the ISO 1219-2:2012 numbering scheme
Rotate External Port Name
in steps of 90 degree
Rotate Connection Display Properties
in steps of 90 degree
Advanced Options
– Primary Units
Use different units
for different drawings
e.g. pressure in psi/Mpa
ERP Interface
Set your ERP data path in HyDraw Options
Fetch ERP data stored in Microsoft Excel format, locally on a network or on a hosting space
Price and other related properties are updated in the Model data
Display property values in dual units:
primary and alternate
Add New Display Format
Display property values
in dual units:
primary and alternate
Define Search Criteria
Search the accessories from Library by
List Component as First Sub-item
List components as first sub-item
Unit Converter
Convert the value of one selected unit to another selected unit
HyDraw® Library Manager 2013
Enhanced Graphics
User Interface
GUI restructured for easy access and better management
Italian Interface available
Localized Library Data
(English and Italian)
In the Model Data view, the Model Code can be linked to one or more symbols
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