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Unleash “Power to Design” using the HyDraw® V700 circuit design software. Experience the Power to quickly and easily design professionally drawn, error free hydraulic circuits with auto generated bill of materials.
Use accurate ISO symbols with feature intelligence to link Model Data, Accessories, Documents and CAD files. Leverage Hydraulic model feature-based data and values memory.
Auto BOM and system pricing, design based component and port selection guide ensures accuracy and speed. Web enabled component selection, and Web enabled fully automated manifold design with QuickManifolds.com*
HyDraw V works seamlessly within Microsoft Visio.


Basic Functionality
Ribbon Menu for easy access to commands
Logically structured menu of Smart symbols designed to ISO 1219-1
Drag and drop symbols into drawing
Fetch Model Code Data based on design requirements from local database
or FluidPowerTools.com*
Component Model data updated with price and other related properties from your company ERP data in the Excel format.*
Select Pipe/Tube data from the library
Add solenoid information and Insert Solenoid Actuation chart into the drawing
Auto Display of Model properties, Jumpers and Connection dots, Combined Display Formats, Solenoid information, Pipe/Tube sizes

Enter Pressure and Flow, HyDraw suggests port size

Search for symbol from local library or FluidPowerTools.com by typing in
partial Model Code
Drag and drop the symbol, linked to Model Code, into the drawing
Extract and Insert auto-generated BOM  into Drawing or Export to an Excel template
Configurable, Item ID Numbering scheme, Balloon style, Connection Line properties, Parts List formats, …
Submit a HyDraw drawn circuit to QuickManifolds.com* and get a 3D manifold design, which integrates seamlessly with Inventor/Solidworks*
In the background, a powerful Library Manager to manage Symbols, Model Data Properties, Documents and CAD Files and much more…
Link Model Codes to Symbols
Link Model Properties to Model Codes
Link Accessories, Documents and CAD Files
Import Model data from ERP system using Excel
Add Pipe/Tube data to the library
Display compound model properties with prefix and suffix
Display compound external port properties with prefix and suffix
Display compound connection properties with prefix and suffix
Add New/Modify component types and link custom Model and Design properties
Add Display formats for Component types
Create Child Symbol library… …
Import symbols from Parent library into Child library
Assign Model property to multiple component types
Define the default location for display formats and Solenoid information
Power-to-Design” circuits
Enhance your productivity and competitive edge with HyDraw CAD
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* Component data libraries for HyDraw are available as a fee-based subscription service from FluidPowerTools.com
* HyDraw Interface to Online ERP data at additional cost. (HyDraw Interface to Local ERP data free with HyDraw)
* QuickManifolds.com is a fully automated web enabled manifold design service. It is a fee based service and charged per usage
* With MDTools manifold design software
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